Sarah Zoraya

Victorious Launch Campaign

branded content, photography, social, video

Collaborated with the in-house digital product team, video production team, marketing team and senior leadership to lead the overall brand direction of a new live stream fitness app. Projects included brand development, concepting, campaign photography, teaser video, on set art direction, program direction, typography direction, tone and voice, marketing direction, set design direction for launch video and live stream, and motion graphics for live stream.

Creative Direction / Art Direction: Sarah Zoraya 
Photographer: Brian Lowe
Stylist: Julie Matos
Set Designer: Alexandra Branger
MU: Mia Yang
Hair: Diane Dusting
Producer: Kim Creighton
Client: Victorious
Talent: Aime Kilgore, Nayriah Teshali, Anton Jeftha, Gabrielle Cassie
Music Suprevision: Travis Kirschbaum
Track: “Trap Pop” by Da
Video Editor: Lonnie Gallegos